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New flash designs

December 4, 2017


Hello Internet,

Well it's December and 2017 is coming to a close. I find myself reflecting on the years accomplishments and thinking about how to push the bar further in the coming year.

So it's with excitement to say I will be working on a new art book filled from cover to cover with custom flash designs like the one you see here. I plan to have this ready to publish by the end of the new year.

I've also thought a lot about moving my artwork in a new direction. Off the map's artist energy has me thinking about design in a new way. 

You can expect more illustrative designs on here over the next year. I've always looked for good principles within tattooing in order to ensure a long lasting, readable tattoo. I'm finding a middle ground between realism and traditional. A best of both worlds if you will.

What styles of tattooing inspire you the most? Let me know at justinwaynebooks@gmail.com


Justin Wayne began his tattooing career in 2010. Being interested in art at a young age he became inspired through the works of Salvador Dali and many works of surrealism. Justin is a well rounded artist being able to conquer most tattoo styles, but is happiest when doing "neo-traditional". Enjoying a more earthy approach, Justin favors subject matter dealing with nature. Justin has tattooed out of state and enjoys traveling. He always stays up to date with the latest equipment and is always gaining knowledge on the art of tattooing.


Coming soon.


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